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20% Off Silver, Gold,and Platinum detail packages until August 30

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**** VIP WINNER ****

Byron was the lucky winner of the Elite VIP Club Card promotion. His name was drawn in May winning the Samsung 43" Plasma T.V. He had a great time receiving his prize from Garnet Eckert-Operations Manager and Todd Kelly-Floor Manager of Elite Indoor Park & Ride. Congratulations Byron! Thank you for your participation in the Elite VIP Club Card promotion

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Bikes are welcome at Elite Indoor Park & Ride too! We have lockers provided for your riding gear if you require, and all you need to supply is your own lock during the stay. If you’ll be gone for a longer period, you can keep your bike covered with your own motorcycle cover to give yourself that little extra piece of mind.

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The ONLY SECURE Airport Parking Provider with Indoor Valet Service


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Experience Elite worry free secured parking where you will always have a warm “Welcome Home” upon your return where your vehicle is Washed, Warm and Waiting inside our climate controlled indoor parking bay.

The most affordable, convenient secure airport parking that allows you to relax while we do the work to ensure your vehicle is ready upon your return.

Worry free parking for travelers offering:

  • Secure parking
  • No public access to your vehicle
  • Indoor Vehicle Drop Off
  • Indoor Vehicle Pick Up
  • 24 hour shuttle bus to and from the airport
  • Indoor shuttle bus boarding and de boarding
  • Luggage assistance
  • On line reservation system
  • Complimentary touch-less wash of vehicle
  • Vehicle “Added Services” available (Detailing, Oil Changes, Windshield Service)
  • Vehicle plug ins at every stall
  • Customer lobby offering free refreshments. Restrooms available
  • Customer Reward Program
  • Corporate Discounts
  • Agent Partnership Program
  • Gift Certificates
  • 3rd Party Vehicle Release Form

“Please arrive @ Elite a minimum of 1/2hr. prior to your scheduled airport check-in time.”